One Year Later

By Jacquie S|April 9, 2015|JacquieS|

So much can change in a year. One year ago I was packing my bag for a life changing trip to help build a permanent structure for a school in the community of George Brook in Freetown, Sierra Leone. I was filled with hope for the future as we were helping a community secure education for their children. 21 days after we left, the ebola epidemic moved into Sierra Leone.

Santigie Bayo Dumbuya, founder of the We Yone Child Foundation went from working to secure an educational base in Freetown and beyond, to working tirelessly to educate about ebola, feed and support those in need. Santigie’s passion for helping his people has only grown in this past year. The landscape and needs of the people in Freetown and more specifically George Brook have changed dramatically in one year. Amazingly their determination has only amplified and the work on the school has continued. Latest updates can be seen on their Facebook page We Yone Child Foundation.

The need in Sierra Leone has never been greater and I want to help raise funds. The first question everyone has is, where does the money go? The money goes directly to the We Yone Child Foundation, you can go to their website and donate directly, You can also donate through me. I am collecting $25 donations and sending you an unframed 5×7 photo of your choice. Click on the photo below to view the gallery and contact me here.

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Night Out in Freetown April 2014

Sarah and Santigie We Yone Child Foundation