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“Jacquie, after the most relaxed photo session, you have transformed your extensive technical knowledge into artfully capturing the essence of how I like to face the public. The head shot you created of me is warm and inviting using only the most subtle corrections. Thank you for the best head shot I have had!”

Daniela O’Fee, musician

“I met Jacquie a few years ago… One morning she asked if I would like to go on a hike and would I mind if she brought her camera? Walking along she asked me if I felt comfortable talking about my deepest emotions and memories of my family. I felt at ease with her calm voice guiding me along the path. Speaking, smiling, crying, the emotions flowed. I barely noticed she was taking photos. What an emotional experience! When she showed me the framed photos I was stunned at the beauty and vulnerability that she had captured. As the compliments poured in, my partner and I decided to have a couples photo done. Once again she captured our love. We ended up requesting 12 of the photos as we couldn’t decide on just one. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a professional photographer that has a unique style and presence.”

Kathryn Hodgins

“Jacquie has a keen eye that will capture the essence of your event or function. The Kamloops Arts Council needs an event photographer whose photos show the excitement of the kids taking part in the Kamloops Children’s Arts Festival, the interaction of the crowds with the artists and their wares as they shop during Art in the Park on Canada Day, and the enthusiasm of the audience as they watch and participate with the Rivertown Players, our free children’s summer theatre program. When you look at our event photos, we want you to feel like you were there – that’s what Jacquie’s photography does.”

Jenn Rensch – Kamloops Arts Council

“Jacquie S photography captures the exact energy and story of the event. Jacquie has a huge talent in seeing emotion and happiness, and her talents bring the human element to an event.  This is quite extarodinary and very unique in photography. Our events are all about the experience and Jacquie captures all of the energy and feelings of the experience. Get Happy Events are so very grateful for her many talents, gifts and expertise. Plus she is a ton of fun to work with! Thank you Jacquie S Photography!”

Jo Berry – Get Happy Events